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About Us

The Party Food sets with cold, hot snacks and dessert were designed to offer the possibility to serve restaurant dishes right at your home. Their main purpose is to facilitate the preparations for the holiday meal. Party Food sets are ideally suited for: guest visits, fourchette at the office, romantic dinner, birthdays, barbeques, etc.

Our offers:

Ready Sets Offer , in which each set contains 8 types of snacks that combine perfectly with each other. The weight of the cold sets is about 1420 gr, which is more than enough for a meal for 2 people.

Create Your Own Offer , where you easily create your favorite snack set. You can choose cold snacks from the entire range. At each position you will find information regarding price and weight.

Don't forget that in addition to the Ready and Created sets, you can choose hot snacks and desserts

The service is valid all year round, so you can enjoy them at any time when you feel like a Select masterpiece culinary masterpiece. Select Restaurant is one of the largest players in the Event Venue market. We are proud that over time we have won the hearts of thousands of customers through level service, pleasant atmosphere, delicious food and a professional attitude. Since 2012 I have been working on two directions - organizing events in the rooms of the Restaurant and Catering Service - organizing and serving events in banquet, fourchette, coffee break, etc. to third party locations. We have served over 3000 events of different sizes, but we have given each event the same meaning, because, for us, perfection means to be impeccable in any performance!

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